5 Ways To Live With Balance & Intention

5 Ways To Live With Balance & Intention

Does the weight of the world feel heavy on your shoulders? If the answer is yes, that means somewhere in your life there's an imbalance.

This tool that you can use will dissect how you spend your time. It'll clarify where you should be putting your energy to bring things into alignment.


  1. FAITH
  5. FUN

"THE 5 F'S" is a balance tool, a gauge you could say, that forces you to reflect on the things you do everyday. From there, you can understand whether or not they coincide with the five most critical aspects of your life.

It can be hard to fulfill all of these area consistently, and that's okay! However, the more "F'S" that you fulfill, the more our actions will have purpose and meaning.


At the end of the week, or even the day, you should be reviewing how you spent your time and energy. From there, you can map out what you should be doing to hit these points.

Here are a couple things that you should be looking at: 

  • FAITH: Are you practicing your faith or spirituality? Right now do you feel in touch with your beliefs, core values, ethics?
  • FAMILY: Are you spending time with the people you love? Have you talked to that person you really care about recently? Are you expressing gratitude for those you care about?
  • FITNESS: Are you eating well or unhealthy on a daily basis? Have you been exercising and stretching? Have you felt well or sick over the past couple days (maybe you need a check-up).
  • FINANCES: Have you been struggling to pay your bills? Do you have an ideal income to provide? How are you feeling about where you are in your career?
  • FUN: Are you giving energy to the things you're passionate about in life? Have there been moments to relax and enjoy the little things?

After reflecting upon all of these, you can decide your next plan of action.

If you haven't been putting enough energy into one of these areas, decide how you can transition next week, or even tomorrow, to balance that area.

Are you over indulging in one of them? Maybe you're completely ignoring one area or even most of them! That's okay but you have a choice everyday  whether or not your actions will have purpose and intention.


Now each "F" in the list is placed specifically above another for a reason.

FAITH is #1 because that's our individuality. Before anything else we need to take care of our mind and soul. 

FAMILY is #2 because while family isn't always blood, it's the people in your life who want you in theirs. The ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to make you smile and love you no matter what. 

FITNESS is #3 because a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. What are finances without your health? Sickness and the stress it brings can be inevitable but we should always have healthy habits in the things we CAN control. Be disciplined with a good nutritious plan. Make sure you get some form of exercise every single day.

FINANCES is #4 because they build a strong foundation of security. Laying a good foundation will allow you to build wealth and create freedoms in your life that will continually grow.

FUN is #5 because you've had fun before! You know why you need to have fun!


There's things in this world that are out of our control that are always trying to take things out of balance.

In order to live a joyful life we need to make sure we're in alignment with the "THE 5 F'S".

Act with intentionality. Do everything with a purpose. 

Good luck!



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