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Gr@titude Lenses

I am Joy

I am Joy

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Be the best version of yourself with Gr@titude Lenses! These stylish sunglasses will inspire you to unveil a happier, healthier, more joyful life by reminding you live life through a lens of gr@titude and appreciate the present moment.

Get exclusive access to a Daily Gratitude Affirmation app and a community of positive conscious people that will encourage you to slow down and be grateful.

For every pair of sunglasses bought, a pair of sunglasses will be gifted to a family member of someone who died by suicide. 

It's up to us to be the change we want to see in the world!

1 belief at a time, 1 thought at a time, 1 word at a time, 1 action at a time, 1 habit at time, 1 value at time will lead to our destiny.

We were put here for a reason and in this moment we are perfect just the way we are! Let's go on this Gr@titude Movement journey together! 


Make it A Great Day!

- Daniel Hack


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Gr@titude is more than a sunglass store, more than a fashion statement, more than a brand, it's a movement of individuals pushing forward for a better tomorrow.

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