The Happy-Now Triangle

The Happy-Now Triangle

We as humans are designed to learn and grow.

However, that trait can rob of us of our happiness in the present moment when we decide our happiness is waiting for us in the future.

That's not exactly the truth.

Here's a life-hack to be happy right now while also striving for a greater version of yourself.

The Happy-Now Triangle


Be intentional with your life. I introduce to you the Happy-Now Triangle.

Everyone was put on this earth for a reason. You can't look at other people's lives and want what they have because they're operating in their own lane.

You need to look inward. 

How we do that is being in alignment with three things; GRATITUDE, FAITH, and ACTION.

Think about it like a triangle.

At the bottom you have "GRATITUDE". Ultimately this is the root of joy. Think about the good things that have happened to you. Be grateful for the things that you have that you wouldn't trade with anyone else.

Next you have "FAITH". Faith roots you in the future. You need to have belief that you will be doing the things that you want be doing in the future. We need to create a mindset that we'll accomplish the things that we want to accomplish, and there's a higher power to help us do that. 

Finally you have "INSPIRED ACTION". This anchors you in the present moment. Yes, we do need to set goals to know which direction we're heading but it's the intentional action we take everyday that gets us there.  

Studies have shown that writing is one of the most impactful personal growth tools. Try writing down and keep track of...

  1. 3 things you're grateful for
  2. 3 things you're hopeful for/working for
  3. 3 action steps that you can take in the day/week/month that will bring you closer to your goals 

Inspired Action

"Inspired action is thinking about what your future-state looks like and what you have to do to become that future state," says Frankie Vignone, co-creator of the Happy-Now Triangle.

Vignone is a strategic account executive and personal development enthusiast. He emphasizes how much power our actions have when we do them with intention and purpose.

"Let's use sales as an example. I want to attain my quota. In the past, and sometimes now, i'll just pick up the phone or send a blind email and hopefully i'll get my prospect's attention.

What I've done is shifted and said, where's the most value going to come, where I can serve [the client] and I can give the highest impact?"

Vignone says instead of writing a 100 emails at work, use that time and just do 10 emails that are detailed, dialed, and that you know people can truly get value from.

It starts with being intentional and giving first before trying to get something from others. Vignone compared it to one of his favorite quotes that says "scale the unscalable".

"While everybody's  trying to go in and hack the system and do bots and do blast emails and offload stuff, what would it be like if you actually took the time to listen in and actually hear what people need to have happen in their life?"

Instead of reaching out to clients to sell them something, Vignone calls them and asks them how he can help them.

Vignone says, "I'll call my clients and says hey i'm looking to hire some really great people. Instead of just sending them stuff that I want to close them on, i'm sending them people that are going to have no correlation to my bottom line. But in the future I might plant seeds that you never know is going to happen."

This is a mindset that can lead to the biggest impact and fulfillment. Don't just do things from a gunshot approach, whether that's trying to sell or do as much as possible.

Take a pause, realize how you can have the most valuable impact, and take action with intention.


Comparison is the thief of all joy. You can't desire a life that others are living because you were put here for your own purpose.

You should always work on your self-development and growth but understand that your happiness is not waiting for you in the future. It's right here in the present moment.

To balance a joyful life constantly strive to be in alignment with The Happy-Now Triangle.

Everyday try to achieve GRATITUDE, FAITH, and INSPIRED ACTION.

Make it a great day!

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