21 Day Gr@titude Challenge

21 Day Gr@titude Challenge

“The world would be a better place if everyone lived life through a lens of gratitude.” - Nick Santonastasso

Studies show expressing gratitude regularly can lead to;

  • 10% more happiness
  • 15% more optimism 
  • 25% improvement in sleep quality
  • 30% decrease in depression type thoughts

Gratitude allows you to create balance from life's difficulties and is one of the purest forms of mindfulness. However, acquiring a new habit is not a walk in the park.

Researchers have proven it takes as little as three weeks to build a good habit. So here's a 21 Day Gr@titude Challenge to help you make the permanent lifestyle change!

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21 Days of Gr@titude

Day 1: What is a happy memory that you’re grateful for?

Day 2: Send a quick text to a family member letting them know how grateful you are for them.


Day 3: Gr@titude in Advance. Write 3 things you’re grateful for that you believe and have faith will happen.

Day 4: What is an album/song that you’re grateful for?
Day 5: Get your boss, client, or co-worker a small gift. (something like a coffee will work)

Day 6: What physical activity are you most thankful you can do? 

Day 7: Send a physical letter to someone in your life. Try to make it personal.


Day 8: What’s your favorite personality trait that you posses?


Day 9: Call someone who helped you during a trying time and express gratitude for this act of being a Go-Giver. 

Day 10: Give thanks to yourself with a cheat day. (don’t splurge just eat or do something you wouldn’t normally) 

Day 11: Express gratitude for something you’re looking forward to in the future.


Day 12: What is something you’re grateful for about your career/work?


Day 13: Give someone a hug today.


Day 14: What form of entertainment like movies/shows make you smile?


Day 15: Treat someone to lunch or do something for them without them asking.


Day 16: What is something you love about your home?


Day 17: Call a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile.


Day 18: What’s a book or podcast that inspired you?


Day 19: Who is someone that inspires you?


Day 20: Write a letter to your future-self thanking you for the person you were and have become.


Day 21: Challenge yourself to start noticing what you’re grateful for more often and spreading gratitude outside of this challenge!


Two of our core values at the Gr@titude Movement are we're better together and going deep in conversation. Tag us on Instagram @gratitudemovement.co to share your experiences with this mindful practice.

Gr@titude's mission is to end suicide forever and help one million people live life through a lens of gratitude. While our sunglasses serve as a daily reminder that we have the choice to make it a great day, it's also a catalyst to champion mental health.

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